Posted by Sewa International Inc.

Swachh Chunar

Open defecation
and lack of sanitation and hygiene in general— causes various diseases; like diarrhea, intestinal worm infections, typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, polio, trachoma, and others. At Sewa, however, we realize that lack of toilets is more than just a sanitation problem. Women & girls defecating in the open puts their safety at risk and lack of toilets is one of the top contributing factors for high female school drop-out rates. Therefore in order to build better, disease free communities and a society that truly empowers women & children, sanitation & anti-open defecation drives are an absolute must. With this in mind, Sewa International has been very actively involved in facilitating the installation and construction of toilet in various areas across India.

This brief report however, focuses on our endeavour surrounding bio-toilet construction in temples & schools in and around Narayanpur, Chunar, Mirzapur, an initiative that has been funded by Sewa International USA & brought to fruition by Sewa Kashi.


Bio-Toilets, so far, have been successfully built in the areas mentioned below -

  • Saraswati Shakti Sansthan - Kailahat, Mirzapur, U.P Beneficiaries - 900 students
  • Ramrati Memorial School - Rasulpur, Mirzapur, U.P. Beneficiaries - 250 students
  • Dhanwanti Devi Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalaya - Jalalpur Mafi, Mirzapur, UP. Beneficiaries - 200 students
  • Hanuman Gadi Mandir, Kailahat Beneficiaries - All visitors