Construction of Bio-Toilet

Bio toilet is a type of toilet which, disintegrates and decomposes the human waste into water and biogas. The decomposition is carried out by bacteria in the Bio-digestion tank.Bio-toilets are environment-friendly, reduce the sewage problem and also reduce water consumption in the toilets. Because the standard toilets we use 3-6 litres of flushing, but for bio-toilets, we need only 0.5 to 1 litters.These bio-toilets can be installed anywhere without needing a big septic tank or a sewage facility.

At first 1.5 metre triangular pit is dugged which has a depth of 1 metre. At the bottom of the pit a radius of 1 metre in cauldron shape which is 37 cm in depth and 2 meter of platform is constructed with concrete materials of 7 cm.

Again, over the radius,construction is done with brick in dome shape.Over the cauldron shape radius after construction of 62 cm an outlet is made.According to the outlet, the inlet (main pipe line of the toilet) is set. At the end of the dome (in the upper part) 0.75 inch the gateway for gas pipeline is attached.

In construction of Bio Toilet, gas is produced in the gas chamber once the outlet is filled and exit through the outlet of purified water.During this process, due to rotten stool only methane gas and water remains.This gas is released into the atmosphere and the water is left in the fields so that it can be used in irrigation.The methane gas can be stored to use in the Kitchen stove or used in the methane generator to produce the electricity.