Bio Toilet unit - 2018

Our Current toilet model is Bio toilet. After several trial and errors, Sewa has been building the bio toilets since 2018 . Once it is built, it needs only once a year inspection.

We have two toilet models :

  • First one is brick and motor non portable model suitable for permanent residents of Rural areas with low cost bio digesters.
  • Second one is portable prefabricated ferro cement slab toilet unit with low cost bio digester suitable for both Urban and Rural areas.

Basic features:

  • Bio toilets saves groundwater contamination.
  • Bio toilets are economical, low maintenance and eco friendly.
  • It is a perfect alternative to the dumping of waste in the ground, especially in rural areas.
  • Bio-toilet can be defined as a system in which human waste is biologically degraded into gas and water with minimal or no use of water
  • It is an innovative method to decompose waste in an eco-friendly and economical manner.
  • Within the bio digester pits, waste comes in contact with the bacteria, it is broken down and converted into carbon and methane gas and water. The methane gas released can be used for energy purposes and water for irrigation.
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Bio toilet has two parts

Pit/Digester: A dome shaped pit

Toilet: The dimension of the toilet - 6 feet height and 3*3 feet width

Galvanised aluminium toilet unit - 2015

Our first toilet model was from KRBC (Karnataka rural building centre ) in the year 2015.

Basic features:
3.5 feet * 4 feet width
6 feet height
Galvanised aluminium material
Portable low maintenance model

KRBC had proposed that the material is rust proof, in the year 2017 we observed few units were rusted in the bottom.

FRP toilet unit - 2016
Our second toilet model was from Harthy chemicals in the year 2016.
Basic features:
3*4 feet width
6 feet height
Rust Resistant

Portable low maintenance model

The toilet unit was not heat insulated, the unit was not suitable for high temperature regions.

Galvanised stainless steel toilet unit - 2017
Our third toilet model was from Sharpshine in the year 2017.
Basic features:
3*4 feet width
7 feet height
Heat insulation, Rust-Resistant
Portable Low Maintenance model

a. Galvanised stainless steel material

The model cost is very high.

Sewa International Project’s approach takes into account the necessity of community-driven investment, and includes opportunities for individuals to contribute money, time, labor, or materials, in accordance with each individual's capacity.

Contributors to this project will receive a detailed budget summary, and contributions will be allocated across all four tiers (Sanitation, Education, Healthcare, and Community Development) in support of the project's holistic objective.  The Sewa International team will work in conjunction with funders to provide summary and outcomes reports in line with funding objectives.

Thank you for your time in consideration of the Sewa International Project.