Girls are one of the most powerful forces of change in this world. When their righs are recognised, their needs are met, and their voices are heard, they drive positive chanfge in their families, their communities and the World. Under the empowerment program , we provide:

  • Vocational training to encourage women & older gilrs to learn tailoring, computer & spoken english to enable them to earn a livelihood.
  • Self defence workshops to fight the social injustice and move forward to maximize their potential.

The most important initiative the SHE team had to take was to empower the girls with self defense programs for their safety and boost their self confidence. Our first pilot program was started in Gorukhpur, UP, with the sponsorship from Red Brigade company, just prior to Covid-19 pandemic hit the globe and all lockdowns were inforced. The beneficiaries were about 200 girls from grade-8-10. The results were phenomenal. The fundamental outcome was how brave and courageous these girls became after the program; to pay attention to the surroundings and prepare themselves to escape any attacks. We want to continue the self defense programs across all schools where we have built toilets. This would be one of the most needed programs for girls to come forward and get the much deserved education in the rural areas. We are resuming conversation with Red Brigade to restart the program as soon as possible. The students learn basic martial arts, and defensive approach to get out of difficult situations.

Through Oracle we also conducted livelihood programs for women who have less academic learning. We set up 2 centers in Bangalore and one in Shrihatti, north Karnataka. We were able to train close to 850 women in tailoring and most of them are gainfully employed. These programs have been benefitting women.