Sewa International’s SHE project for the Girl child.

We aspire to be the pre-eminent, Hindu faith-based humanitarian organization that serves selflessly and with compassion to create a positive impact on society. We envision and strive for a world in which all people live in harmony, free from suffering.


  • Equip Socio-economic background & underprivileged Girl child with education, life-skills and self-confidence to enable her to achieve her highest potential
  • Leverage existing community and Government resources to ensure that all girls are in school and learning well.
  • Partner with like minded individuals and organizations
  • Establish programs, resources, that focus on the overall development of the Girl Child
  • Focus on 3 areas of SHE - Education, Health and Hygiene, Self development/life skills


Goals 2021

  • Help 40,000 girls continue their education in the year 2021.
  • Achieve $400,000 donations to support above goal. Develop an Independent brand dedicated to SHE initiative

Goals 2023 

  • Create a global brand that is recognized by all facets of the community
  • Create a robust world class website.
  • Supporting 100,000 girl children to continue their education. 
  • Achieve $1,000,000 donations in 2023.