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1.Features of bio-toilet
The bio-toilet consists of an easy to install super-structure, a multi chambered matriced bio-digester that holds the bacterial culture and supports the treatment of human waste.

Bio-toilets do not require sewage connectivity and because the process is self-contained, bio-toilets are also maintenance-free.The only by-products of the waste treatment process are pathogen-free water, which is good for gardening.

The slope design of the toilet-pot takes minimum usage of water. We need only 1.5 litre to 2 litres of water for flushing the excreta in bio-toilets. So, we are not providing internal water tap to the units. Extra water usages for flushing inside the bio-toilet will destroy the bio-toilet working system.

The sludge settled at the bottom of the digestion tank has to be cleared once in two years. If the effluent is odourless and does not attract flies indicates efficient working of the anaerobic digesters in the tank. A minimum retention of 30 days is required for anaerobic digestion in bio-toilets while a septic tank provides retention for 2-7 days. Hence, the effluent from the septic tank must have its main treatment in a sock pit/filter while effluent from a digester can be discharged directly in a drain system.

The prefabrication technology in manufacturing bio-toilets can be very easily and effectively used for Agra project substantially reducing the time of construction, supervision and ensuring the quality of construction and dimensional accuracy. ( See Figure 1 & 2)

2. The basic structure of the Bio-toilet ( See Figure 3):
bio-toilet has mainly two parts:
1. 1. Pit/Digester - length 5.5 feet, width 4.5 feet and 4 feet depth.
2. 2. Toilet unit - Height 6 feet, 3*3 width

3. Material used:
Our vendor manufactures prefabricated ferro cement slabs. Ferro cement is an engineered material. Ferro cement is a strong, versatile, low-cost, long-lasting building material made from a wire reinforced mixture of sand, water, and cement. It is easier to construct and less time consuming with prefabricated slabs when compared to the brick and motor model.

Figure 1: Bio-toilets under construction, Agra

Figure 2: Constructed Bio-toilet model, Agra

Figure 3: The basic structure of the Bio-toilet model

Bio-toilets, Phase I - Agra, Uttar Pradesh

We have built 10 Bio-toilets in phase I. ( See Table 1)

SI School District State Model
1 Primary School Nagla Padma, New suraksha vihar Colony, Gwalior Road Agra Uttar Pradesh Bio-Toilet
2 Primary school Islam Nagar, Agra Uttar Pradesh Bio-Toilet
3 Primary school Haribhawan Kanya, Agra Uttar Pradesh Bio-Toilet
4 Upper Primary School Basai Khurd Agra Uttar Pradesh Bio-Toilet
5 Primary schoolBasai kala Agra Uttar Pradesh Bio-Toilet
6 Primary schoolKrishna colony, jeevni mandi Agra Uttar Pradesh Bio-Toilet
7 Upper Primary school chalesar, Agra Uttar Pradesh Bio-Toilet
8 Primary school Taal furor khan, Agra Uttar Pradesh Bio-Toilet
9 Primary school Haribhawan kanya Agra Uttar Pradesh Bio-Toilet
10 Primary school Nagla fakeer chand Agra Uttar Pradesh Bio-Toilet